A Running Routine to Lose Weight

Running is a great way to lose weight. It is well known that running helps greatly to burn off those extra kilos. However it is not only about running, there are more and less effective ways of doing so.

Obviously, running is either way better than nothing, and if you do any kind of exercise to lose weight that is very valuable because it shows your determination to lose weight and feel better.

However, to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible some knowledge is required. Primarily you need to know how to run to burn more calories.

What are the best routines of running to lose weight? Here are some suggestions:

1. Each exercise should last at least 15 minutes to burn enough calories. The shorter the period of the exercise the more intense it needs to be. 15 minutes would require a huge intensity so if you’re not in good shape it might be better to do 30 minutes of running at different speeds.

2. The exercise should begin with 5 minutes of warming up at an average rate and ensure that muscles and joints are ready to run.

3. The best routines of running to lose weight involve intervals, which are basically periods when you change your exercise speed slightly. This allows you to train your body in a variety of intensities. It’ll also allow you to complete more distance at high speed and still complete 30 minutes of exercise. These bursts of energy are crucial to put your body into fat burning mode. Slow periods will serve for the recovery from the fast sections.

4. Running with tilt is more strenuous than running on a flat surface, so it would be good to find a route with a moderate inclinination to help you get better results. Running downhill is not good for your knees.

5. Your routines should involve sprints, hills or both. You may not be able to do them for more than a minute or a little more because it is very hard work. But this is precisely the point, make sure your routine contains some elements of extreme intensity and thus also the considerable time to recover from them.

6. At the end of each session you should spend a few minutes to cool down by running at a slow pace or walking a little faster until your heart rate returns to normal.

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