The Purpose Of Running

One of the first things you need to know when you decide to start running, is that the pain, sooner or later will present itself, and this is inevitable, but suffering that pain is optional. Each person has to decide whether he or she is willing to endure it, and not everyone is physically and mentally prepared to do so.

Running is great for your health, both physically and mentally, but for those who have never done it, they have to avoid, especially at the beginning, having too much euphoria (one of the rookie’s main mistakes), don’t mistakenly try to cover more mileage that your body itself can withstand. The body always needs a period of adaptation.

This is the same thing, like for example, a man going on a first date, and having as the only purpose and permanent obsession, having sex with the girl in front of him. Sure, it’s good to be ambitious, but in many cases it is often better to go slowly to obtain the best results, so take it easy lads!, the same things happens for running.

Now, if you are an amateur runner (like most of those who go out to exercise to the parks, street circuits, the beach, etc), if you are one of those who seek a healthy life and want to keep your body and mind in shape, then you shouldn’t care at all if someone runs faster than you, and get ahead of you in the circuit. Some even do it with a gesture of bravado (fortunately they aren’t many), what I find pathetic by the way!

Remember that you are not competing against anyone, and in any case, if you want a motivation to encourage you, do it against yourself and try to improve yourself every day.

When you run you depend on the state of your muscles, so you should always try to treat them well, as gently as possible, you have to worry about them, and occasionally speak fondly to them, they’ll surely appreciate it, and you too will be grateful to them, so you never fall prey of cramps, stiffness, contractures, etc.