Warm-Up Exercises Before Running

warmup stretchWarming up the muscles before running or before doing any sport is vital, because it means preparing correctly for a real physical activity and its proper execution. That’s why today we show you what you need to know about the warmimg-up exercises to do before running.

Overlooking the warm-up part when exercising, can be quite risky, because it can hinder proper performance and can provoke injuries. It is often pointed out that a proper warm-up increases your heart rate, breathing rate and blood flow to the muscles.

Performing a good warm-up prior to a race or jogging, implies adapting to the physical effort to be made later. Thus means, for example, if plan to run faster and longer, our preparation must be longer and adecuate.

It is not about to spending all our strength and be exhausted before starting, but to make sure the body is ready to cope with this real effort. What we want to achieve with these exercises is that the circulatory system gradually prepares to keep oxygenating our muscles constantly. Let’s see some examples of warm-up exercises:

Many people don’t know the way to warm-up the legs for running. In most cases the warm-uo is simply to start running slowly and gradually increase the intensity. Of course this is better than nothing, but there are other forms of warming-up that are more effective, less aggressive and that will prepare us better.

First of all we must realize that it is important to prepare all parts of the leg, that’s why we begin from the bottom up with small circular movements of the ankles, knees, and hips. The execution should be slow and we have to pay special attention to our breath. After this, lying on the floor on our backs and lifting the legs, we have to move them as if we were riding an imaginary bicycle. This will help stimulate the circulation of the legs.

Then, we must place standing, facing forward and we have to take a step forward as if we were to stoop. Without reaching the ground we got up and return to the starting position. We need to perform the same action on each leg. This exercise will serve us while we warm-up to stretch also. At no point should we force the posture or make too abrupt increases or decreases that may trigger injuries.

Stretching all the muscles of the legs is important to stimulate the circulation. How we do this has to be the same as the used at the end of a race, since the ideal thing is to mix the traditional warm-up with the stretching exercises for a perfect fit.

Once carried out the warming-up, we have to start running slowly and leisurely to acclimatize slowly to the race. Surely if we take appropriate measures and devote the time necessary to have our body in tone, we will run without any problem or pain that can lead to any type of injury.